article: 8 Hidden Promises

8 Hidden Promises

1. A great light is coming in a time of increasing darkness.

Isa 9:1-2 Isa 21:12 Isa 60:1 I Thess 5 Rev 22:11

In the Last Days there will be a great separation... no middle ground... No grey zone when Jesus comes. For those deceived, God sends delusion...a time of transition into the next age. Rom 13:11: The night is nearly over, the day is almost here.

2. The Harvest is the end of the age.

Matt 13:39

The tares will reach there full maturity. So will the good planting of the Lord - A time of climax and confrontation. 'The Beast v The Lamb' (Rev 17) The Harvest is plentiful (Rev 14:16) The Earth will be harvested, no one can count it (Rev 7)...'My House will be full' Luke 14:27. There are more people alive today than have ever lived in all history. We have a lot to do.

3. The end of the Age is the time of Restoration of all things.

Acts 3:21

Revival is bringing back to life... maturity of Christ to be attained. (Eph 4) The Word is to be sent to cleanse the Church through His servants. (Eph 5:26) The Church will be in complete unity (John 17)

4. Elijah is to come before the Day of The Lord to make ready a people for the Lord

Mal 4:5

John the Baptist, a type of Elijah, led many to repentance. (Matt 17) Was his ministry a short period of 3-6 months as Derek Prince suggested? Can the Earth be harvested in 3-6 months before Jesus returns?

5. The Gospel is to be preached to all Nations before Jesus comes.

Matt 24:14 - as a testimony in the midst of wars, famines, earthquakes, upheavals. (Matt 24 Luke 21) God will confirm His word as a testimony, and we will become a testimony. (Luke 21:13) We will be witnesses through the Holy Spirit in us. Great power in every nation will be on the Church. This is exciting! ( Acts 4:33)

6. Provoking Israel to Jealousy

The Church is going to reach such a maturity that it will finally provoke Israel to Jealousy. (Rom 10:19)

7. The Best Wine is left to last

The Wedding at Cana (John 2:10)

On the third day, the miracle of the turning of the water into wine happened. Jesus rose on the third day—Death but resurrection from God for Jesus on the third day. The best days are yet to be... The glory of the latter house will be greater than the former. (Haggai 2:9) And did the glory of God ever fill the second temple? What about when the young Jesus of 6 weeks was carried into the temple for dedication? (Luke 2:22-32) There will be greater days than for the Early Church. Joel 2, the main fulfilment will be for our time. It was only partially fulfilled at Pentecost.

8. The Promise of an Outpouring

Joel 2 and Acts 2

God will 'turn the lights down' just before the Lord comes, like the turning down of lights in a cinema. Acts 2:20 God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh 'to the maximum.'

Peter, led by the Spirit, changes the order between the old men and the young men. It is because the young will have a prominent role in this end-time Revival. The Devil knows this and God has prepared for it...

The Beatitudes are 'the royal highway to Revival' - hungering and thirsting for righteousness, being poor in spirit. (Matt 5) We must decrease, He must increase. (John 3:30)

Ps 102 - being destitute-prayer brings Revival... v20, the 'ones' appointed to death are children in the Swedish Bible. God has a plan for young people today. The promise in Joel is connected to the Restoration of Israel. (Joel 2:32 - 3:1) Persecution against Jews by the Devil (Hitler built on centuries of anti-Semitism.) He hates them - Jesus was a Jew. God has a plan for their restoration.

The Feasts of the Lord will be fulfilled in Israel.

Passover - Christ fulfilled the feast.

Fall Feasts - are yet to be fulfilled.

Feast of Tabernacles - God is bringing back Jews from the four corners of the world. (Ingathering)

Edited from tapes 30 March 2008