article: the tide has turned


A Time of persecution is coming

During the time Clifford and Monica Hill spent in the Far East in the Summer of 2001, they felt the Lord warning strongly of a worldwide persecution coming upon the church. The terrorist attack on New York on September 11th was, they believe, a dramatic sign that judgment is coming upon the earth. A steady increase in terrorism and violence leading up to the final great world conflict is expected. We are to follow Jesus' instructions and to 'watch and pray.'

The tide has turned in the nation

Regarding the state of the nation, Dr Hill writes of his surprise when the Lord said to him, 'the tide has already turned!'. Clifford said to the Lord, 'I can't see any signs that the tide has turned.' The response was, 'the first tiny ripple that signals the change of direction is not discernible to the human eye. But it heralds the forthcoming waves that in due time will sweep across the dry sand and cover the rocky places. So it is when I determine to bless my people.'

A time of harvest

Clifford went on to say: 'For me this is quite amazing because for twenty years I have been receiving warnings of impending judgment and strong calls to repentance. What I believe the Lord is saying now is that the times of judgment are already upon us, therefore there is no point in continuing to issue warnings. Rather it is time to look beyond the times of judgment to the time of restoration that will surely come. As Jeremiah was told to look beyond the exile to the return; and Amos was told to look beyond the destruction of Samaria to the time of harvest (Amos 9:13) - words which have an echo in Jesus' conversation with the disciples following his encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:35) - so I believe God is urging us to look forward to a time of harvest.'

A time for new vision

Clifford believes now is an important time of preparation when God is shaking both church and nation. The plumb line of truth is separating believers from unbelievers so that He can empower and re-envision a renewed body of believers for such a time as this... The tide has turned!

It is time to begin to move forward in the strength of the Lord and to shake of the deadening effects of the decline syndrome that has held the church in its icy grip for many years. It is time for believers to look up and see beyond the dark clouds to the Lord of the harvest who is urging His people to cast aside fear and uncertainty and to trust in Him.

A time for prophetic evangelism

Dr Hill and his ministry team believe that it is time to move from prophetic warning to prophetic living. It is time to build up the body, to strengthen one another in the Lord by recognising the gifts He has given to each one of His children to be used in the work of the Kingdom.

Leadership in the church has to become 'enabling' and 'empowering' in order to release the gifts of the people.

They believe God has been speaking to them about a time of prophetic evangelism involving the whole body of believers. As we all gain confidence as witnesses of the Lord, so the whole church becomes the prophet to the nation. Prophet and evangelist will combine to reap a harvest in the secular mission field of our modern world...'

Extracted from THE INCOMING TIDE, an article from Dr Clifford and Monica Hill which accompanied the Wlnter 2001 Newsletter from PWM Ministries.

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