article: train the warriors


JEAN DARNALL's vision of Revival for UK and Europe: updated July 2000

At the Skye Alive Festival in Skye in July 2000, Jean Darnall restated her famous vision of REVIVAL FIRES for UK and Europe.

Lights flickering from the top of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall, and over into Ireland were actually fires.

Many of these fires were grouped together and increasing in size, forming bright spots in the land. Particularly between Glasgow and Edinburgh were fires converging to form a very bright space between these areas. There were also bright spots in other areas such as the Highlands.

Lightning struck from Heaven to ignite these bright spots or lights that were all over the UK. That causes explosions of fire and rivers of fire flowed from the North to the South, from the top of Scotland unto the English Channel. From the Channel some rivers of fire crossed over onto the Continent of Europe.

As Jean prayed and waited on the Lord for revelation, God said,

'I am lighting fires in Britain, fires of renewal... I will light these fires all over the country ...l will do a new thing in this land... l'm going to make people intensely hungry for N.T. Christianity. People will say, 'Where is this church in 'Acts' with the boldness, the testimony, the miracles, the wonderful growth. I will make them hungry for My Holy Spirit. I will fill them with My Spirit, teach them about My Holy Spirit, give them gifts of the Spirit and train them for evangelism.


This is when, in My sovereign grace, I will not only bring a renewal to the people of God in Great Britain, but I will bring a spiritual awakening to the population of Britain - to all the people. I'm going to speak, to give them a felt need of Me. I'm going to awaken the conscience of the nation.


That's My people whom I've been training. I'm going to move My people during this revival. I'm going to strategically locate them so that when this awakening takes place, they're going to be in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.

These rivers of fire are a 'people movement.'

It won't be in great evangelists, in a particular movement, leaders of a national organisation, but the people themselves whom I will fill with a new boldness to testify.

And, as they testify to all kinds of people, on the campuses, in industry, in government, in the media, there's going to be tremendous conversions, and I will accompany their testimonies with apostolic signs of healings and miracles.


He said that out of the renewal and out of the awakening in Britain, I'm going to send communicators into Europe.

They will be 'media people', with gifts in music and in drama and in journalism. They will be interested in technical things. I will use them to bring the gospel to the people in Europe through the media, through television, through radio, through communications.

The revival or awakening in Britain will start in the churches and move out into the general population, but on the Continent it will come right straight to the people through the media.

And conversions and the work that I start doing among the people will start filling the churches... so it's going to be a little different motion there, a different direction...

But, that's not the end! It's the means to an end. That's not all of it. The best is yet to come. The big job is coming soon.

Jean travelled all over Britain in then late 1960's with the musicals, Come Together, The Witness and If My People and came to Scotland and visited churches, came to the Highlands looking for those fires in homes, in churches... right up to John O' Groats... She commented,

"'The Lord has lit the fires, but the lightning is coming, that singular act of God's mercy for this nation is coming, my friends, and it's going to touch our lives and touch our churches. And those of you who are just hanging on wondering what is coming and if anything is ever going to happen, it's going to happen, my friends."

"And I want you to keep training and teaching your people and yielding to the Holy Spirit. Train them how to lead souls to Christ. Teach them how to win others for Jesus. Pray with them for a burden for souls and a passion for the lost. Get them ready TRAIN THE WARRIORS... TRAIN THE WARRIORS.

Train them to do battle for the Lord in prayer and in intercession, and in song, and in witness for the Lord Jesus. Get them ready, get them organised, get them developed - and keep improving! Constant improvement!

You say, 'I've only got a few.' "Well, polish them up and make them shine for God. Hallelujah! Make them the best for the Lord."