article: watch and pray


The following notes are excerpted from PWM New Year Conference Swanwick report - January 1999. Although 3 years has since passed they are very relevant today. Nearly 150 people gathered at the 4 day event at the dawn of a new millennium to spend time together to seek the face of God.


God is wanting His church to be a listening people so that He can give us understanding of the times, warn of danger and strengthen us through days of difficulty. God is looking for His people to be 'overcomers' and to have around them the whole armour of God. He is wanting His people to be watchmen - a watching, praying people who will not be fearful and will stand firm during the coming storm when nations are going to be shaken with political, social and economic disruption. After the turbulence there will be a time of refreshment.


God is warning us of the gathering storm clouds over the nations. Times of hardship lie ahead, but God is reminding us that He will make every provision for His people; we should be relying on Him and not on our own understanding. We must beware of doing 'uncommanded work', but only do what He tells us to do, and He will give the enabling; He will strengthen feeble arms and weak knees. He reminds us that His grace is sufficient for all circumstances when we put our trust in Him.

Repentance and Holiness

We were reminded of the need for repentance, not just in the nation but in the church. God is looking for a holy and purified people to be as lights shining in the darkness because we are part of a generation that has rejected the word at God, a nation that is throwing away its birthright. God is wanting us as a nation to bless Israel, and as a church to support believers in Israel.

God's Love and Protection

The church has been heavily influenced by the world and the shaking will affect the church as well as the nations, but this is part of God's cleansing purposes. We should not pray against the shaking; rather we should pray that God would fully accomplish His purposes. We should be assured that God's love and protection will be over his people as we abide in Christ and seek to encourage and build up one another, sharing with each other during times of hardship and making a good witness among believers.

Go Forth

Go forth My people. I have made a highway for you. Get up on that highway. Go forth. I am calling you out. Take that highway. It is a highway the world is not on, where no lion can come. I have prepared it for you. Go forth. I am calling you out and have called you from the very beginning, one by one, by name. You are My children and I love you and have great compassion for you. Do you not hear Me? Listen to Me, for I care for you and want you to be holy, for I have promised that you will see My throne and shall be gathered around Me dressed in white. My spirit is falling upon you for I am rending the heavens and they are coming down in the midst of the turmoil. Hear Me! Listen to Me for I am empowering you beyond any description. You do not even know my Power which is so great and so almighty. Take it, for I am anointing you. I have set My seal upon you and you are mine.

From notes taken from a prophecy of Pamela Hewitt